Investing in the latest technologies has helped Tighe maintain its leadership position in the third party logistics industry. With state-of-the-art hardware, software and business applications, Tighe is able to provide highly accurate, real-time information that can be used to integrate seamlessly with your supply chain management or ERP systems.

Tighe provides on-line access (via the internet) for customers, giving them visibility to all aspects of their business. Use our Internet fulfillment and distribution system to complement or integrate directly into your existing business systems.

In today’s dynamic business environment, top-notch systems are needed to reduce the costs of doing business and to set your company apart from the competition. You can rest assured; we’ll never lose sight of this fact.

  • Warehouse management
  • Transportation management
  • Slot locator system
  • Batch / lot / serial # / date code control
  • System driven product rotation (user defined)
  • EDI
  • Order processing
  • Billing
  • Management reporting
  • Inventory reporting
  • Statistical analysis reporting
  • Labor reporting
  • RF & Bar code
  • Rating
  • Pick & pack
  • Physical inventory
  • Routing Optimization
  • Client access