Tighe utilizes the Accellos One 3PL Warehouse Management system which is a WMS designed specifically for the Third Party Logistics industry. Our WMS provides a tremendous amount of flexibility while improving accuracy and monitoring productivity and efficiency in the warehouse.


  • Client access through web portal (e-Vista)
  • Barcoding and RFID
  • Inventory allocation engine
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Cycle counting
  • Catch weights
  • Space optimization
  • Directed put away
  • Appointment management
  • Documents/reporting/EDI
  • Configurable work flow
  • Alert and notification managemen
  • Key performance indicators
  • Issue management and tracking
  • Client centric allocation and flow
  • Inventory entity management
  • Labor forecasting
  • Labor tracking
  • Employee productivity
  • Customer labor costing
  • Facility labor costing


Tighe utilizes the Accelos One Transport Transportation Management System which is a dynamic transportation management planning system. Accellos One Transport allows for a wide range of planning considerations such as customer appointments, consolidations, and equipment specific requirements.

  • Customer appointment tracking capabilities
  • Real-time GPS tracking capability of vehicles
  • Extensive custom “Alert” system for event management
  • Mobile computing providing real-time transaction posting of delivery actions
  • Delivery confirmations via web, email or EDI
  • Load and route optimization for efficient planning
  • Customer access to shipment information and status via web portal
  • Electronic load tendering and shipment status messaging
  • Optimization of multi-modal movements
  • Transportation mode and carrier selection
  • Manages consolidated orders, loads and multiple leg trips
  • Drayage & Intermodal pickups, deliveries and tracking
  • Electronic billing and invoicing
  • Third party carrier management
  • Stop specific business rules manage delivery appointments and retail requirements
  • Cost analysis including fuel surcharge and material handling