Custom reporting and access to our warehousing and transportation systems is only a single click away. Once we provide you with your secure login credentials you’ll gain access to a tremendous amount of real-time information on your shipments and inventories allowing you to stay informed and better manage your business.

E-Reporting allows you to:

  • View inventory levels on a real-time basis
  • View product activity over a defined time period
  • Track & trace shipments to customers
  • Design custom reports specific to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Establish schedules to automatically run and deliver to your email inbox
  • Export reports to a variety of useable formats (csv, excel, txt, etc..)

Sample standard reports:

  • On-Hand Inventory
  • Inventory Activity
  • SKU Detail
  • Shipped Orders
  • Confirmed Receipts
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Many more…