When a Multi-Client/Public Warehousing facility is needed, Tighe is able to offer customers flexible and scalable solutions. Tighe’s strong commitment to asset-based transportation allows us to aggressively customize transportation programs that improve order cycle time, reduce costs and ultimately provide the high levels of service our customers expect.

Benefits of Multi-Client/Public Warehousing include:

Cost Control – Control warehouse costs by sharing overhead with our other clients

Increased Efficiency – Use Tighe’s expertise to perform more economically and efficiently.

Reduction of Capital Investment – Reduce your investment in facilities and equipment which will allow you greater flexibility in adapting to changes in the marketplace.

Minimized Investment In Non-Core Activities – Concentrate on your core business activities and improve your asset productivity by focusing on what you do best.

Reduced Administrative Head Count Devoted to Logistics – Utilize Tighe’s personnel to provide high quality services while effectively downsizing your organization.

Access To Lower Cost Services – Benefit from Tighe’s local knowledge and the economies of scale Tighe offers.

Decreased Risk and Burden – Tighe assumes many of the risks associated with operating the facility such as labor wages, insurance, pensions, and real estate risks.

Quick Access To Markets – With our facilities ready to service you, your organization can quickly test markets or enter markets