Our Company History

Since our founding in 1862, we have been focused on one thing: providing top-quality service to our customers while meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace. We’ve been successful due in large part to the quality of our people. Throughout our long history we’ve been fortunate to have a highly motivated, dedicated, and hard-working team of people who understand what it takes to provide outstanding service to the customer. This dedication and team spirit has earned Tighe a reputation for service that is unequaled in the logistics industry.

Over the years we’ve maintained a commitment to provide our people with the tools necessary to get the job done. If that meant investing in state-of-the-art computerized business management systems, or acquiring the finest materials handling equipment available, we did it. We continue to search for the latest technologies that will give our company and our customers an edge over the competition.

Every member of our team understands the demands placed on all channels of the supply chain and strives to help our customers meet those demands. From perishable groceries to fine wines, our challenge has always been never to accept anything less than the most responsive, efficient, and cost-competitive service for our customers and yours. Once you’ve experienced Tighe’s service, you’ll appreciate the difference. We guarantee it!