Woburn, MA. – August 1, 2007 – Tighe Trucking recently implemented a new state-of-the-art transportation management system called Freight Logix by Accellos. The new system will allow Tighe to better manage its diverse transportation activities which include planning multi-stop LTL trips, regional and long haul truckload moves, container and chassis tracking.


A significant component of the system is called REALDiSPTACH. The REALDiSPATCH system utilizes hand held data PDA devices to collect and transmit real-time data back to Tighe’s servers. This real-time information will provide instantaneous information on each drivers whereabouts along with capturing real-time transactions such as arrival, load/unload, departures and a variety of other driver initiated activities.

Completely portable, REALDiSPATCH resides on wireless data communications devices such as RIM’s BlackBerry and can be deployed on any major digital network such as IDEN, 1X, and GPRS. Fully integrated with Accellos’ Freight Logix transportation management system, REALDiSPATCH allows information from Freight Logix to be transmitted instantly and discreetly to drivers in the field.

“We’re excited about this new technology and feel it implementation will put our organization in a position to be able to immediately respond to an ever increasing demand for real-time information from our clients” says John Tighe, Sr. President & CEO.